IntrinsixMM benefits

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use materials management system that contributes to better stock control, audit trail and logistics management
  • Greater visibility of logistics operations including in-and-out stock movements and shipping to allow easy analysis of stock position on any given day for better control of SKUs and enhanced budget management
  • Optimisation of stock levels to ensure a timely, planned in and out of stock according to use, not forecast
  • Accuracy and traceability of inventory to provide an invaluable audit trail for financial and HSEQ requirements
  • Reduces shelf life by making older stock more visible and eliminates guess work so that stock is used in order of shelf life rather than proximity or order of arrival
  • Reduces stock volume and, consequently, reduces warehouse space and stock values so that planning, budgets and financial management can be done with accuracy, saving time and money
  • Maximises stock and rental visibility, which optimises capital and income
  • Increases efficiency of processes and workforce by preventing errors, saving time and creating greater engagement
  • Minimises the risk of human error by standardising inputs, descriptions and reporting, using client language bespoke to them

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