IntrinsixIM benefits

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use inspection and maintenance system to improve employee engagement, productivity and accuracy
  • Saves time, streamlines production processes and provides up to the minute maintenance data and reports to enhance management decision making and greater understanding for all teams involved
  • Removes the risk of human error by using uniform recording methods, digital input and user-friendly displays
  • Provides access to accurate, reliable and consistent asset information and history easily and regularly to make data analysis and management decisions more efficient and better informed
  • Synchronizes with your corporate ERP/EAM system to make integration seamless and user adoption straightforward
  • Works in real time online mode or save work completed in offline mode where there is no internet access to overcome the challenges of working in difficult and remote environments
  • Promotes better management decision making with instant access to real-time web reports to support organisational efficiency and performance
  • Helps reduce equipment failure and unplanned plant shutdowns by swiftly identifying problem areas before they become an issue
  • Increases efficiency of operations personnel and extends the life of your plant through improved inspections schedules leading to greater overall efficiency, cost-savings and staff retention


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