IntrinsixEX benefits

  • Inspectors’ efficiency is improved by an average 150% which creates a greater sense of ownership during a campaign and delivers greater productivity
  • Inspection campaigns are reduced by up to 50% because of our RBI strategy to free teams up to focus on other areas of responsibility
  • The use of Intrinsix Ex enables a quicker turnaround of faulty and ineffective equipment, meaning greater outputs for inspectors and the overall installation
  • Visualisation of RBI alarms and thresholds for individual tags, areas and work orders improves inspector recognition and speeds up the process
  • One central location for data which allows multiple people to work and edit simultaneously, enhancing team productivity and uniformity of recording to improve the overall data for analysis and decision-making
  • Real-time remedial notifications raised and passed through ERP with work orders then passed back to handhelds to streamline the inspection process within planned inspection periods
  • Reduces inaccuracies and the probability of losing inspection information and/or missing inspection requirements because all records are recorded in real-time and synchronised in and out of ERP
  • Improves visibility and the control of safety and equipment integrity in order to ensure compliance with the latest safety regulations
  • Reduction in paperwork and carbon footprint brings cost-savings, traceability and progress towards HSEQ KPIs
  • Standardised inspection and reporting processes to speed up data interpreting, comparisons and understanding, facilitating better management decision-making

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