The benefits of IntrinsixEX focus on the efficient use of ATEX equipment through intelligent inspections, including risk-based inspections. Compliant with the latest IEC 60079 standards and ATEX directives, IntrinsixEX uses intrinsically safe handheld technology, providing visibility, accuracy, and control, which improves efficiency, reliability and ultimately extends asset life. IntrinsixEX uses mobile Auto-ID technology like RFID tags, alongside strategies including RBI, to increase compliance and decrease costs in your Ex inspection and maintenance activities. IntrinsixEX delivers real operational efficiency, asset integrity and regulatory compliance, reducing operating costs and improving safety.

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IntrinsixEX benefits

  • Inspectors’ efficiency is improved by an average 150% which creates a greater sense of ownership during a campaign and delivers greater productivity
  • Inspection campaigns are reduced by up to 50% because of our RBI strategy to free teams up to focus on other areas of responsibility
  • The use of IntrinsixEX enables a quicker turnaround of faulty and ineffective equipment, meaning greater outputs for inspectors and the overall installation
  • Visualisation of RBI alarms and thresholds for individual tags, areas and work orders improves inspector recognition and speeds up the process
  • One central location for data which allows multiple people to work and edit simultaneously, enhancing team productivity and uniformity of recording to improve the overall data for analysis and decision-making
  • Real-time remedial notifications raised and passed through ERP with work orders then passed back to handhelds to streamline the inspection process within planned inspection periods
  • Reduces inaccuracies and the probability of losing inspection information and/or missing inspection requirements because all records are recorded in real-time and synchronised in and out of ERP
  • Improves visibility and the control of safety and equipment integrity in order to ensure compliance with the latest safety regulations
  • Reduction in paperwork and carbon footprint brings cost-savings, traceability and progress towards HSEQ KPIs
  • Standardised inspection and reporting processes to speed up data interpreting, comparisons and understanding, facilitating better management decision-making

Our clients need to capture their HAE (Hazardous Area Equipment) inspection data in a compliant and efficient way and analyse that data to make fast, intelligent decisions. Businesses can have all the data in the world – but without analysis there’s no benefit to anyone; data needs to be turned into information and deployed and acted upon accordingly. IntrinsixEX rises to that challenge through its Intrinsix Analytics dashboard.

IntrinsixEX has been designed to be user friendly in every respect. The Intrinsix Analytics real-time dashboard is another excellent feature of the inspection software that brings a number of benefits to all those involved with inspections and reporting. The dashboard provides a multiple asset overview of the current status against plan of the Ex inspection strategy. In addition Intrinsix Analytics details functionality for work plans and highlights frequently failing tags. It also provides a RAG report to show how inspections are performing overall and is an excellent real time snapshot of the inspection process and equipment failure/maintenance/repair/replace performance.

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