Unleash the power of Intrinsix: industrial mobile software
to transform your business decision making

Intrinsix product suite:

How does Intrinsix work?

Intrinsix benefits

  • Standalone or integrate with existing ERP/EAM systems, such as SAP and Maximo, to make using Intrinsix straightforward for any business
  • Enriches existing business processes by enhancing both data capture and management reporting
  • Delivers significant operational efficiency through providing consistency, enhancing team productivity and uniformity of recording to improve overall decision-making
  • Unambiguous equipment and materials identification which reduces shelf-life and improves better audit trail
  • Reduces costly over-stocking by creating more accurate stock records and capacity
  • Effective frontline data capture by standardising reporting
  • Promotes plant uptime and regulatory compliance by reducing inaccuracies and incorporating compliance into the software
  • Promotes a safer working environment by coordinating inspections and raising individual engagement with specific product risk
  • Reduces project lead times by enabling better use of time and teams
  • Simple user adoption to improve productivity, operational efficiency and user engagement
  • Rapid return on investment allowing CAPEX focus to shift to other core areas
IntrinsixMM enables track & trace of all stock, materials and equipment; harness the mobility and connectivity of Intrinsix on the “shop floor”.
IntrinsixIM provides plant operators with the tools to ensure safety and the effective operation and maintenance of equipment. Intrinsix configurable strategies allow data capture of full asset inspections from hoses and small bore tubing to lifting equipment and everything in between.

IntrinsixEX uses mobile Auto-ID technology such as RFID tags alongside strategies including RBI to increase compliance and decrease costs in your Ex inspections and maintenance activities.