Aberdeen-based firm Arnlea have today announced a hat-trick of contract awards worth around £2m

Arnlea, an oil and gas asset management software firm has inked five-year deals with two as yet unknown North Sea operators for the use of its mobile software inspection and maintenance product, Intrinsix Ex.

The Intrinsix product involve the use of handheld technology to provide visibility, accuracy and control of assets to assist in improving mobility, efficiency and reliability and, ultimately, extending the life of the asset.

Jim Steele, Head of Business Development at Arnlea, said: “These latest contracts are further endorsements of our products as companies look to make additional efficiencies, support their compliance agenda and improve the flow of operations.”

“The UK contracts significantly strengthen the established relationships already in place, while the Ireland agreement bolsters our association with the client.”

“Our products are easy to use in the field of operations, while at the same time provide up-to-date information for decision-makers responsible for management, inspection and asset integrity.”

Arnlea confirmed a separate agreement with Shell in Ireland for the use of its inspection and maintenance devices.

Steele added: “There is huge scope for growth at Arnlea in 2018 and beyond as companies look to digital technologies to improve operational efficiencies, collaborate and reduce costs in a cost-conscious market.”

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