Energy operator px group needs to make sure St Fergus is operating optimally because of the UK Government designating the gas terminal as critical to the UK energy supply. 

When px realised their current Intrinsix software was due to be upgraded, they worked with Arnlea to ensure the benefits they already enjoyed, would be enhanced through new handsets, the software upgrade and deployment plan that together would improve inspection efficiency and technical analysis, with safer, more efficient and highly compliant operations.


The results


Increased productivity: 

Because of Arnlea’s investment in UX/UI, Intrinsix software contributes to huge strides in better productivity and job satisfaction, supervision and reporting; and now management information is available to the whole px team.


Fewer inspections:

Working in the same way as a smart phone, inspectors can take and upload photographs of eroded hoses or other kit, or certifications associated with the inspection, which speeds up the process. Supervisors can use the images rather than having to physically inspect the items for a second time, improving productivity and performance.


Safer and more effective operations:

More than a year on, the software is delivering everything px wanted and more, with the inspection team believing the new technology has improved everything about their inspection operations, including reporting and decision-making.







px group delivers innovative management and engineering services for high hazard and highly regulated environments and has over 25 years of experience across the UK and also have experience in UAE, EMEA, Africa and South America.

St Fergus designated critical important to the UK’s energy supply

px operates and is duty holder for the St. Fergus Gas Terminal 40 miles from Aberdeen. St Fergus processes natural gas from numerous UK and Norwegian offshore fields, on behalf of North Sea Midstream Partners as the owner of the St. Fergus Gas Terminal and FUKA pipeline.

The UK Government, via the health & safety executive (HSE), has designated St. Fergus as a top tier COMAH  installation due to its critical importance to the UK’s energy supply. The terminal must meet the Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) Regulations ensuring that businesses:

“Take all necessary measures to prevent major accidents involving dangerous substances. Limit the consequences to people and the environment of any major accidents which do occur”.

So, how did px meet this challenge?

They needed to put the right processes and systems in place to ensure safe, efficient and compliant operations. Their focus on innovation led them to use digital technology, specifically Arnlea’s IntrinsixEX, to meet this challenge.

Here’s what px’s Electrical Control and Instrumentation (ECI) Lead Steven McDuff had to say: 

“St Fergus is a complex COMAH installation and we have full accountability for the safe, efficient and compliant operation of both the gas terminal and the pipelines. Working with Arnlea and using IntrinsixEX enables that operation to function as seamlessly as possible.”

Enabling that project to function as seamlessly as possible 

The criticality of St. Fergus allied with their drive for innovation and continuous improvement means px must ensure their systems are as up to date as possible. So in 2019, the business was one of the first to upgrade to the new IntrinsixEX release which included moving from legacy handheld devices to Windows-based tablets.

The project included the supply of tablets and associated equipment for their inspection teams. The Zone 1 tablets are Windows10 supported and ATEX-certified.

This long-term relationship meant that the Arnlea team were able to understand px’s specific needs for the St. Fergus Gas Terminal. As a forward-looking business, px naturally recognises the role and changes digital technology brings. Although the upgrade was a big jump from the handheld devices their inspection teams used prior to the tablet version, the functionality was instantly recognised as being of commercial benefit to px.

Upgrading to the new Intrinsix software and tablets in good time, and ahead of many others, means that their inspection team is already using the latest tablets, rather than end-of-life legacy handheld devices, demonstrating they have truly embraced and appreciate the business value of Arnlea’s SaaS solution.

Ultimately, px is now even more confident of ensuring safety and continuity of operations at St. Fergus, thereby helping secure the UK’s future energy supply.

ECI Lead Steven McDuff concluded,

“The contribution that IntrinsixEX has made to our inspection teams and technical analysis has been invaluable. The high service levels we receive from all at Arnlea made this contract renewal straightforward and the next logical step.”

Our strong relationship with the px team means that we are able to innovate our software whenever required, in order to meet px’s ongoing and ever-challenging operational demands.

IntrinsixEX also offers

  • Compliance with IEC 60079 standards
  • Support of your HSEQ protocols
  • Easy integration with SAP and Maximo

IntrinsixEX enables a quicker turnaround of faulty and ineffective equipment because of its Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) platform.  With some companies in our industry still using pen and paper or Excel spreadsheets for their inspections, Arnlea seeks to raise awareness of the possibilities digital transformation offers.

Working with Arnlea’s software, inspectors’ efficiency is improved by an average of 150%, when compared to using paper recording systems, freeing up teams to focus on other areas of responsibility, delivering higher productivity. In short, Intrinsix saves time and money, improving productivity, morale and job satisfaction, which also saves businesses money in terms of staff retention.

Arnlea is committed to improving clients’ operational excellence, compliance, asset integrity and reducing their operations expenditures.