Intrinsix has tremendous scale and scope … giving power to your people.  Companies in the energy industry need smart solutions for data collection and reporting.  Our Intrinsix software product suite makes inspections and asset management easy, while ensuring safety and compliance for companies operating in this industry. By switching to a SaaS provider, like Arnlea, you can get rid of pens, paper, and complex Excel spreadsheets and use cloud-based software for your inspection campaigns, reporting and operational decisions.

  • You need tools that increase productivity in tracking, inspection, and maintenance
  • You want a product that gives you visibility in the supply chain and inspection processes for greater understanding and better decision making
  • Most importantly, you want to ensure compliance and the safety of remote employees, supply chain workers (warehouse, quayside, logistics, drivers etc.,) inspectors, inspector supervisors and technical authorities that operate in your company.

We can show you how to increase productivity and improve employee engagement using data. In the current digital landscape, for Oil & Gas operators and throughout the supply chain, you need to be able to gather, track and share data to ensure success. This blog – and our Power for your People Guide – will show you what SaaS providers like Arnlea can do for your business and how companies like yours can benefit from using industrial mobile software for asset management.

Will the implementation of Intrinsix be disruptive? Yes, it will.

Is it worth the effort? We’ll make sure it is.

We commit to being a trusted partner, and it’s in our best interests that you get the most out of working with Arnlea’s Intrinsix cloud-based software.

It’s also important to be realistic and understand that things don’t always run smoothly with any level of digital transformation. However well prepared your employees, there are going to be moments of tension, deadlines, and long training sessions that might discourage even the best of us. That’s why our team will guide you throughout the entire process and make sure nothing gets lost on the way. We’ll build a tailored plan that is suitable for your company (and your company only), and we’ll help you to implement it to the very last detail to make sure you meet your business goals.

We can show you how to increase productivity and improve employee engagement using yours and others’ data. In the current digital landscape, for Oil & Gas operators and throughout the supply chain, you need to be able to gather, track and share data to ensure success. This conversation about Big Data and Digital Transformation has never been more timely, as businesses begin to recognise the importance of integrating a digital infrastructure into your existing processes.

When you work with a SaaS provider like Arnlea, you can benefit from using industrial mobile software for asset management and a host of other operational tasks. We’re working with Energy companies onshore and offshore, in the UKCS and around the world who are sharing the benefits of our cloud-based software, Intrinsix. Our latest innovation on our website is a map detailing the scale and scope of what we offer and who we’re working with.

Increased efficiency

All our customers and their teams appreciate that Intrinsix helps all their different people work better and faster. At the same time, it enables them to gather the valuable data necessary when you’re planning to continuously improve your processes and increase the efficiency of business operations.

If we consider hazardous area inspections and maintenance, here’s how the teams of inspectors who already use our software benefit from our collaboration:

  • IntrinsixEX can improve inspectors’ efficiency by an average of 150%. Not only does the software boost productivity, but it also creates a greater sense of ownership during a campaign.
  • Our RBI strategy can reduce inspection campaigns by up to 50%, which frees teams up to focus on other areas of responsibility.
  • At the same time, inspectors get a full picture of RBI alarms and thresholds for individual tags, areas and work orders, which automatically improves inspector recognition and speeds up the process.
  • The software gathers all data in one central location, which allows people to work and edit simultaneously, enhancing team productivity and uniformity of data.
  • Intrinsix reduces the risk of human error by using uniform recording methods, digital input and user-friendly displays.

Improved reporting

For many workers and supervisors, reporting is a hassle. With so much data to write down and analyse every day, this activity eats up many working hours. Furthermore, it increases the levels of stress, as any missed information can have consequences on the health and safety of everyone on the team.

How does our software make reporting easy?

  • IntrinsixEX generates real-time remedial notifications. These are raised and passed through your ERP with work orders, then passed back to handhelds to streamline the inspection process within planned inspection periods.
  • The use of IntrinsixEX enables a quicker turnaround of faulty and ineffective equipment, which results in greater outputs for inspectors and the overall installation.
  • All records are registered in your digital system in real-time and synchronised in and out of your ERP, which means you get to minimise the risks of inaccuracies, lost inspection information, and missing inspection requirements.
  • The software improves visibility of your workflows, which gives your supervisors more control of safety and equipment integrity so they can ensure compliance with the latest safety regulations.
  • You get to implement standardised inspection and reporting processes to speed up data interpreting, comparisons and understanding.

Data analysis for a better view of your business processes

Digital solutions give you increased visibility of overall business operations. It helps you analyse the tasks that your teams perform every day and control the procedures that permit your staff to complete every organisational goal in time. For companies in the Oil & Gas industry, it’s also a cost-effective tool to ensure compliance in all environments, at all times.

Here’s how Arnlea software can improve your existing processes:

  • You can make data analysis more efficient, as you have access to accurate, reliable and consistent asset information, as well as to asset updated history easily and regularly.
  • The usage of IntrinsixIM can reduce equipment failure and unplanned plant shutdowns by swiftly identifying problem areas before they become an issue.
  • The system updates records in real-time when working in online mode.
  • You overcome the challenges of working in difficult and remote environments. When working in offline mode due to no internet access, the system automatically updates itself once our devices find a safe internet connection. This way, no data gets lost.
  • Overall, your teams save time, as the software streamlines production processes and provides up to the minute maintenance data and reports.

Improved decision making for Senior Managers

Here are some of the benefits that most of our partners have seen since using Intrinsix:

  • Reduced inaccuracies and minimised risk of losing materials and inspection information and missing requirements, thanks to the ability to record data in real-time and synchronise in and out of ERP.
  • The elimination of most paperwork and a reduced carbon footprint, which brings cost-savings, traceability and progress towards HSEQ KPIs.
  • IntrinsixEX and IntrinsixIM enables standardised inspection and reporting processes, which speeds up data interpreting, comparisons and understanding, facilitating better management decision-making.
  • Better management with instant access to real-time analytics and reports to support organisational efficiency and performance.

 If you’d like to understand more about our scale and scope and our strength and depth and importantly how Intrinsix could bring power to your people, please contact our Business Development team.

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