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Clients who are now aware of our Intrinsix suite of software find themselves at an interesting stage of the buying process. A project manager has often investigated the options for inspection, inventory or maintenance software (see our Discover blog August 2019) and their business is now at the Engage stage of the process.

This is usually where a more regular relationship with Arnlea begins. The groundwork has been laid, the business case for inspection software established. Now the client will seek out their preferred software as a service (SaaS) solution and this is where our Business Development team comes into its own.

When we’re approached, we ask a lot of focused questions to understand the issues the client is facing and what the scope of the opportunity to resolve those issues and add more value might be. We share the benefits of the specific software, for example, IntrinsixEX, and explain a number of different solutions we can provide, both in terms of software integration, speed of inspections and increased productivity, reporting and data management, as well the hardware we can provide, such as tablets and Bluetooth pens for RFID tags, for data capture by inspectors.

We will talk and meet with clients at their site or at different locations, as required, in order to provide the insight they need and also a sense of the indicative pricing so that clients can start to understand whether the budget they have set aside is sufficient for what they need.

Arnlea is proactive in its client engagement and we provide both vendor workshops and Intrinsix product demos. Following initial client meetings, we invite them to come and attend a workshop or a product demo – or both – to get a fuller understanding of the impact our IntrinsixEX software will have on their business. We’re also comfortable inviting current customers to meet with new clients so that there can be a more independent verification of what we do, although we often find new clients are previous customers from other businesses, which is a great endorsement of the product and service that we offer.

We find the workshops typically benefit those who will be the key business users of IntrinsixEX, alongside their IT team who can get the bigger picture from spending a half or whole day with us. IntrinsixEX is particularly user-friendly, as we have invested at a high level in the user interface and user experience, making our software stand out from the crowd. This product familiarisation is an essential element of the buying process because it means that client employees will already be engaged with our software and in a better position to be able to use it when it is delivered to the business as a whole.

This will take a couple of months, depending on client availability and motivation, to decide whether IntrinsixEX and Arnlea meets the client’s business requirements – and we’ll cover the Buying process in a future blog.

For more information on Arnlea’s experience and capabilities, contact the team on +44 1224 620000 or email info@arnlea.com.

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