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For many clients and potential customers, deciding to invest in new ATEX inspection software doesn’t happen overnight. Introducing software where previously there were spreadsheets and pencils or changing a software package that no longer serves best practice, is always a challenging task and creating a sound business case internally is vital.

Our buying process takes clients through a number of stages that we’ve named Discover; Engage; and Buy. The Discover stage is particularly critical because it often starts before we appear on the scene.

Typically, a customer is considering their own corporate strategy, examining what their business wants to achieve over the next three to five years and beyond.  Many operate within the Oil & Gas industry and inevitably HSEQ requirements feature as key drivers for their business. Simultaneously, identifying new opportunities for fiscal prudence and greater employee productivity also often feature and often shines a spotlight on how safety inspections, maintenance processes, or inventory tracking are conducted. This corporate soul-searching can take anything from three to six months to complete.

In any case, a team or individual is usually charged with investigating the area more thoroughly to identify the issues and research the most appropriate solution and optimum outcome. We call this team or person the project champion because they will champion the best idea or business case through to completion, or not, depending on the priorities set by the client. It is often here that our client first comes into contact with Arnlea, either through market research, or because of previous positive experience with our software, or from word of mouth via a colleague.

Our Business Development team is on hand to provide as much information as possible and to assist with enquiries, financial questions, solution options and so on, so that the client’s champion can build an effective business case that will meet their company’s needs, answer their concerns, and often future-proof their supply chain and inspection systems into the bargain.

The business case will involve setting a budget and understanding the limitations of the client’s own existing processes, in order to set out clearly the different options available in the market and how to take the project forward to the next stage.

This element can take anything up to ten months and is critical, establishing both client need, drivers and external resources to improve the current situation.

We estimate that the whole buying process has a life of up to 18months and we recognise how making this purchase can fundamentally change the way in which a client inspects, measures, reports and evaluates its EX equipment, maintenance systems or inventory tracking. It’s not something that can be rushed because clients need time to fully examine the pros and cons of the software they’re considering, in order to ensure that they commit to an effective, productive solution that will benefit the whole business and be straightforward to introduce to their teams and supervisors.

Arnlea’s Business Development and Technical teams make themselves available during this whole process to make sure that clients are fully aware of the potential and opportunity our Intrinsix software brings to businesses. We also ensure that any specific and process-critical elements are incorporated into the final product so that you have a solution that is appropriate, flexible, with an attractive and straightforward UX/UI, so that you can transition to the new products, quickly and easily, with the minimum disruption and optimum benefit for your teams and business as a whole. The next stage, Engage, affords the time putting the software through its paces – and we will look at that in a future blog.

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