It sounds like it’s the most straightforward process in the world. We have software products to provide as a cloud service, and we have customers who want to buy. Put us together and you have a sale and a contract to boot. If only life were that simple.

We’ve analysed the buying process (we’re developers at heart and process design and enhancements is what we do so of course we’ve taken a closer look at how we close a sale) and recognised there are three distinct stages. While each one deserves closer inspection, it’s quite helpful to have a look at the big picture first and understand which stage you might be at in your relationship with Arnlea.

1. Discover

[aware | identify need]

The buying process always starts with the client and their own corporate strategy. What are they trying to achieve? If HSEQ or financial improvements combine, then the realisation that inspection, maintenance or tracking processes within the business could do with greater scrutiny often follows. Issues are identified and a project champion is often appointed to investigate the best solution and outcomes. The champion builds a business case – often coming into contact with Arnlea during this process or understanding the solutions they offer from previous experience. At this stage, a budget is usually determined and agreed, and the champion sets out to bring home a solution. This element can take up to a year and is critical, establishing both client need, drivers and external resources to improve the current situation.

2. Engage

[identify options | evaluate]

With the groundwork laid, the champion will then seek out their preferred solution, attending workshops with Arnlea to obtain a more in-depth understanding about the relevant mobile software we offer under the Intrinsix brand. Whether for inspection of ATEX-certified equipment, maintenance or tracking inventory, we have high-end user-friendly software that is ideally suited to life on or offshore. We meet with you a number of times and provide ample space and opportunities to understand how we will deploy our industrial mobile software with your particular business and operational requirements in mind. This takes a couple of months, depending on client availability and motivation.

3. Buy

[decide | place order]

The buying stage features the quotations, contracts, agreements about devices and licences, purchase orders and the activation of the cloud-based Intrinsix licence. There should be few surprises, as the Discover and Engage stages will have provided a growing understanding of how this will work and all things being equal, will take 2-3 months, depending on individual procurement processes.

In all, the whole buying process can take up to 18 months to conclude. Arnlea’s Business Development and Technical teams liaise constantly with each other and with you to ensure that your process-critical elements are included and that you have, in Intrinsix, a global solution to meet your local needs.

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