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This is our fourth and final blog about how to buy from Arnlea, SaaS provider. Make sure you’ve read the overview, discover and engage blogs before you dive in.

Following the Discover and Engage stages of the buying process, our client now decides that Arnlea is the right SaaS provider for them and decides to commit to purchase. So how does this work?

Both previous stages will have held clients’ hands as they learn and appreciate the benefits of partnering with Arnlea. These two stages can take as little as 8-12 weeks – or longer – depending on individual procurement processes.

The necessary tender process takes about a month, with our Business Development team making sure they remain in contact with you in case of any hold-ups either at your end or ours.

There will also be contractual discussions and negotiations over the software license (its scope, term, and support), services (cloud deployment, testing, training, integration), and equipment you choose (handhelds, tablets, RFID readers & tags and peripherals) before clients decide to award the contract order to Arnlea and the raising of the PO to push Go on your order. These negotiations are about the nuts and bolts of what we will be physically providing to your business and it can feel like time stands still at this point. We do everything we can to make sure that your procurement and IT teams understand the ins and outs of what you’ve requested so that you have everything that you need.

Finally, we activate the cloud-based Intrinsix license and the buying process is completed. We then spend time training and working with your teams to embed the software into your users’ daily schedule and our support team is on hand for any and all queries and questions that may arise as client teams begin working with Intrinsix. Fortunately, because of our own approach as a SaaS provider, we have paid close attention to detail over both functionality and user experience. We’ve got a series of blogs running specifically about UX/UI and why it’s so vital so do make sure you read those too.

From start to finish, the whole buying cycle can take anything up to 15 months. Arnlea’s Business Development and Technical teams proactively work closely together and with our clients’ teams to make sure that all your process-critical elements are included, bespoke items created and that you have, in Intrinsix, a global solution to meet your local needs.

For more information on Arnlea’s experience and capabilities, contact the team on +44 1224 620000 or email

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