5 reasons why UX/UI is important for the O&G industry

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are critical elements of consumer mobile software but has not been given prominence historically within the Oil & Gas industry. Arnlea’s UX/UI team has taken this part of our product development and completely revolutionised it, both for the business and more importantly, our customers. Here we consider five reasons why UX/UI is important for the oil & gas industry.

1. Software that is easy to use and more intuitive improves productivity and decision-making

By putting themselves into the shoes of our customers’ people – those that use Mobile-devices and AIDC to carry out inspections or collate inspection data or use that data to make decisions – we’ve designed an interface that appeals to each of them. The way each screen looks and the manner in which our software behaves has been made far easier and much more intuitive because of the team’s creative thinking and application of their expertise.

2. Major oil & gas producers value bespoke code and UI/UX that enhances their own systems and processes

Our IntrinsixEX and IntrinsixMM products have been taken to another level, both in terms of look and feel, which has successfully impacted our contract with a major oil & gas operator [Total SA]. The UI we created there became the pilot of the new UI/UX build cycle that proved our whole concept and has been instrumental in changing the way Arnlea develops software for all our customers.

3. Interfaces that only achieve customer goals risk a lack of client employee engagement

Clients have a challenge to ensure that the software their employees use is as engaging and intuitive at work, as the software they use at home. When it’s not, frustrations build and set in. Our approach has transformed our product set from just a software product to a software brand. The user interface flows naturally together and looks more like the consumer software our customers’ teams are familiar with outside work; meeting all their technical and user expectations and impressing our clients by how quickly their employees engage.

4. By considering who the users are, each client team values the software in its own right, rather than just as work tool

By developing a fresh look and new branding for the Intrinsix software and considering who each of our users are – an inspector, supervisor, technical authority or manager, and creating brand personas for each – has been a game-changer in how our developers approach new software and updates and how our clients respond. This thought process has stepped up what was an average looking product into a modern app that looks and feels contemporary and user-friendly that has made a huge difference to our products and their perception by our customers.  By designing a suitable UX/UI to make the look and feel simple and easy to perform by the customer’s inspectors, the client has software that not only does what they require but also they like and value.

5. Transforming mundane yet critical tasks has a direct impact on safety

By substantially improving the user experience and interface for clients’ materials management and inspection software, mundane yet critical tasks are transformed into activities that are interesting and straightforward. Using more intuitive and visually appealing screen displays make the software a pleasure to use and those doing the job more productive and better engaged.

This is about improving the software’s design while maintaining its functionality and adapting the software’s interfaces to perform on more IOS/Android tablets and handsets, as customers seek to use more modern devices than previously available. By redesigning the visual and intuitive steps for each process, customers have been excited to embrace them, and this has enhanced compliance and safety standards across the board.

By considering the UI and UX for oil & gas clients, our teams don’t just consider how we make this work, by writing and creating code that meets that requirement, we also specialise in making the software look slick and work easily for the end-user. Our Intrinsix products are fresh and contemporary, not tired, old or clunky, and work extremely well. When customers first have a product demonstration they regularly notice and comment on the UX/UI.  If our software means our clients and their teams have a much more positive user experience, then the buying process for all of us is so much more straightforward.

We continually update our software; we don’t merely improve its functionality we improve its desirability as a product for customers. Having an exceptional UX/UI motivates our whole team and the whole morale of our staff, who are excited to work together to further improve our products, which benefits our clients and their own business success. Having a positive UX/UI is clearly important for the oil & gas industry.

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