Business Development team

Following an MBO in 2014,  Allan Merritt, Andy Powrie and Jeremy Lai have led the team at Arnlea, providing the business with fresh strategic direction and supporting existing and new customers with a more robust and focused product suite.  Here, we introduce the customer-focused Business Development team whose remit is to further enhance the growth and expansion of the company.

Left to right – Will Buchan [Account Manager], Cameron Murray [Business Development Manager], Allan Merritt [CEO], Paul Goonan [International Business Development Manager],

Allan Merritt
Leader of the Management Buy Out, Allan has been at Arnlea since 2013. His passion is to see Arnlea grow and increase its market share, through delivering high-end mobile software technology that is flexible, easy to use and provides exceptional value to clients. He is excited about how the investment they have made so far in the Intrinsix software has taken IntrinsixEX to a new level, both in terms of its technological capabilities and its functionality. He is hands-on, meeting clients at all levels, often travelling with his team, offering support and insight from his 30-plus years in business.
Paul Goonan
International Business Development Manager
Paul Goonan met some of the Arnlea team at OTC, Houston in 2017 and by March 2018, he had joined them. He is responsible for researching, approaching and nurturing new international business relationships and creating opportunities for Arnlea to support clients with our software solutions. He believes that by choosing Arnlea, businesses are electing to work with a like-minded company that is continually reinvesting to benefit clients to keep up with technology advancements and remain compliant with international standards, while assisting with their inspection and maintenance processes.
Cameron Murray
Business Development Manager
Cameron joined Arnlea in January 2019 and is responsible for sourcing and developing new business in the UK and further afield. He is excited to work for a business that has over 25 years’ experience working with the majority of oil & gas operators in the North Sea. Arnlea’s Intrinsix products decrease inspection times and costs, and increase compliance, which is critical for this industry.
Will Buchan
Account Manager
Will joined Arnlea in July 2019 and works hard ensuring that all our clients are completely satisfied and understand everything that’s happening at Arnlea. With over 11 years in the Oil & Gas industry, he’s focused on providing the exceptional levels of service for which Arnlea is known, and for liaising with our customers over the latest software updates, new product information, and how to get the best out of the Intrinsix software that clients are currently using.